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Foundation Facts

foundation choices getting the right colourDo you love foundation but always worry it's not the right shade? 

Your foundation is the first thing that people see and remember if it has not been too often. Neck lines, patches and an unnatural glow is not the look you want.

How do you find the right shade?

It is actually quite simple to get the right colour shade for you. The colour of your hand or even on the inside of the wrist is not the best place.

Try out a number of shades and strak it towards the back of your jaw onto your neck. The foundation colour should match your neck colour.

How do you adapt your foundation when you starting a bit of a summer tan?

So you face will naturally change its base colour as we go through the seasons, we just cant buy a new foundation every month. The Body Shop has the answer with Darkening Shade Adjusting Drops and Lightening Shae Adjusting Drops - the perfect addition to your perfect foundation

Does my skin type affect the type of foundation I can wear?

Absolutely, and with the ranges offered by The Body Shop, whether you have dry, oily or sensitive skin, there is a perfect coverage for you.

Even coverage

 Get perfect coverage with The Body Shop Buffing Brush - build the perfect even coverage will give you the fresh look face you want with the charcoal coated, super soft brushes with cruelty free vegan bristles.

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The perfect choice for all skin types

foundation choices getting the right colour

 Shade Adjusting Drops

adjusting and darkening foundation drops


 Buffing Brush for the perfect finish

the body shop bruffing brush

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