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Why and when should I wash my hands and is soap better than hand sanitiser. What can I do if my hands are sore now?


FACT: Washing you hands with water does not dislodge germs, all the dirt and bacteria

Soap is very efficient at removing bacteria and viruses which cause disease

When should I wash my hands?

Generally, they are two reasons, when you have been to the toilet or about to prepare or eat food

In addition to those after

  • coughing
  • sneezing
  • blowing your nose
  • handling animals, their feed or waste

How should I wash my hands?

Easy - use soap and water
Simple steps:
  • Wet hands
  • Add soap to hands and scrub palms, back of hands, between fingers, under finger nails for 20 seconds
  • Rinse well with running water
  • Dry with a clean cloth or waving in the air

What is in soap?

Soap breaks down germ carrying oils on your hands and allows the rubbing action to remove dirt and germs.
How hot should water be?
You can wash your hands in any temperature but warm water helps the lathering process
Does the soap need to be antibacterial?
No, all soaps used correctly will remove germs
Are alcohol based hand sanitisers more effective than soap?
Alcohol based hand sanitisers are useful where access to soap and water are not available. If hands are physically dirty then soap and water should always be used. Hand sanitisers do not remove dirt


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How can i stop my hands from drying out from hand washing?

Frequent washing of our hands will keep germs away but can cause damage to our skin

Here's a few tips to help:

  1. Use warm water rather than hot
  2. Use a moisturising soap.
    Choose a creamy liquid soap rather than a bar soap
  3. Blott hands rather than rubbing to dry on a towel
  4. Apply a moisturiser which will restore the natural skin's barrier, provides a protective film, soothes and calms the skin as well as improves the skin's appearance and texture

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